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SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI), a component of the SAP Business Analytics platform, is a powerful tool for the identification, integration, and analysis of disparate business data from heterogeneous sources.

It includes data-warehousing features, reporting and analysis tools, best-practice models, business-analysis applications, and administrative resources. With its superior analytical capabilities, SAP BI generates and delivers tailored business insight and expertise for any purpose enabling better informed management decisions

More and more companies realize that business insight is needed anywhere in their organizations – from administrator to executive level. Consequently, business insight components could become an integral part of all business scenarios as companies move to service oriented architectures.

Siyaton can help your enterprise in its journey of SAP HANA implementation with well-defined solution offerings. Siyaton‘s HANA deployment approach includes assessment, landscape integration, software and data services, and data analytics.

SAP Hana

SAP is evolving its in-memory technology with the introduction of SAP High- Performance Analytic Appliance (SAP HANA) software, a flexible, multi-purpose, data source agnostic in-memory appliance that combines SAP software components optimized on hardware provided and delivered by SAP leading hardware partners.

SAP HANA can enable organizations to analyze business operations based on large volumes of detailed information as it develops. Organizations can instantly explore and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in real time. Operational data is captured in memory as business happens, and flexible views expose analytic information at the speed of thought. External data can be added to analytic models to expand analysis across the entire organization.

HANA, which was unveiled last year, takes advantage of in-memory computing to deliver faster data analytics on-the-fly by analyzing huge amounts of data in real time.

He added that SAP HANA enables nearly 80 per cent of SAP’s customers, which are small and midsize businesses, to bring together structured and unstructured data analysis from any source, as well as transactional applications and analytics, in a single highly scalable, elastic infrastructure for true real-time computing.

HANA Edge will be targeted at those in the midmarket and running Business All-in-One, the company said. It can also be bundled with SAP Business Objects Edge Business Intelligence software. SAP HANA Edge edition is now globally available.

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