Application & Consulting

Application & Consulting

Siyaton Application Management Services Framework (SAMS)

Siyaton Application Management Services Framework (SAMS) is an approach to manage through a well-defined methods, policies, procedures, custom-developed set of processes, standards and templates.

At Siyaton, AMS embodies a number of specific methodologies fully equipped to deliver various engagement results. These methodologies include defined processes with appropriate tools and techniques such as standards, guidelines, templates, forms, checklists, etc. Each methodology derives value from quality-oriented activities at various stages and checkpoints throughout the life-cycle. These include planning, governance, verifications and validations, auditing and status reviews. The methodologies are always customized to fit the needs of the engagement.

SGS offers Functional & Technical Support, both onsite and offshore including dedicated 24/7 competencies to support SAP, Oracle, Microsoft systems which have very critical applications running round the clock.

AT SGS we understood the demand for the support services, keeping in mind the competition and raise in cost of the ownership SGS Plays an important role in optimizing both cost & effort of the customer by providing hybrid solutions to improve satisfaction & get best results from IT Infrastructure.

Standard Methodologies

  • Outsourcing Assessment / Strategy.
  • Managed Service.
  • Shared Service.
  • Consumer Products
  • Transition.
  • Application Management (ERP and Legacy Maintenance and Support).
  • BI / Data Management.
  • Production Support.
  • Operations and Network Support.
  • Service Desk.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
  • Service Level Agreement (SLAs) Development Methodology.
  • Risk Management Methodology
  • QA and Client Review Methodology